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Navigating Changes: Electricity Price Rise in 2024

Looking ahead to 2024, a reoccurring challenge emerges – the surge in electricity prices. For those of us residing in Spain, it’s crucial to understand the imminent factors and explore sustainable solutions that can shield homes from potential electricity price hikes. Factors Impacting Electricity Prices in 2024 Starting January 1, 2024, three key elements are…

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10 Proven Tips for Energy Efficiency

In our daily lives, we often consume more energy than necessary, leading to soaring utility bills. The good news is that there are numerous ways to save energy and, in turn, reduce costs- most of them quite effortless. Here are 10 specific and practical tips to make your home more energy-efficient and bills lower: Smart…

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Transforming Spain’s energy landscape: Solar energy companies at the forefront


The increase of renewable energy companies in Spain and their transformative impact on the country’s energy consumption are gaining increasing relevance today. Renewable energies, particularly solar panels, are revolutionizing Spain’s energy matrix, offering consumers substantial economic savings. Evolution of renewable energies in Spain The entry of renewable energy companies into Spain has steadily grown, driven…

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Placas solares mantenimiento

Boost the performance of your solar panels: Maintenance tips

The use of solar energy has become an increasingly popular and sustainable option for supplying electricity to homes and businesses. Solar panels are the heart of any solar energy system, so it’s crucial to ensure they operate optimally. Solar panels are a long-term investment for clean and sustainable energy generation. To achieve maximum performance from…

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Virtual vs. Physical Batteries in Spain

Understanding the differences and choosing the right energy storage solution In a nutshell: Virtual batteries present an excellent and cost-effective method for storing surplus solar energy as credit, applicable anytime and transferable to other properties. In contrast, physical batteries are more appropriate for maximum grid-independency and off-grid applications. Both battery alternatives suit new and existing…

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SolarSoft invests in RAD ENERGY

RAD ENERGY SL is thrilled to welcome SolarSoft Andalucia SL into the fold as a new investor. In the first round, this Malaga-based investment holding company will invest half a million euros to help RAD ENERGY expand its market reach and venture into the development of large-scale renewable energy projects throughout Spain and the EU….

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