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Solar Panels For Vacation Rental

Reduce Energy Cost by 70%
Improve Customer Experience
Installation in One Day

Hots Summers and High Energy Costs

High energy costs during the summer season are a significant challenge for Vacation Rental hosts in Costa del Sol. With guests frequently using air conditioning throughout the day, energy expenses rise, leading to higher booking prices and potentially lower occupancy rates.

With many years of experience in working with rental properties in Costa del Sol, we have developed the perfect solution for owners of rental houses. By installing our solar energy system combined with a smart energy management system, you can reduce energy costs of your rental house by up to 70%. This not only helps you maintain competitive pricing but also attracts more guests, ensuring higher occupancy.

The installation will be completed in just one day, during your vacancy time, ensuring minimal disruption to your rental schedule.

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The Palms Spain Retreat, Alhaurin de la Torre

Success Story: The Palms Spain Retreat

Ideally located in the small Spanish hamlet of La Alqueria, walking distance to a local shop and two Spanish restaurants/bars. A peaceful country location with mountain views, but only 20 minutes to Malaga airport and to the beautiful beaches of the Costa Del Sol.

In an effort to enhance sustainability and reduce operating costs, The Palms Spain Retreat partnered with RAD ENERGY to install a state-of-the-art solar energy system. This strategic move has proven to be a remarkable success. The resort’s energy costs have plummeted from nearly 800€/month to just 80€/month, allowing them to allocate more resources towards improving guest experiences and maintaining competitive pricing.

The Palms Spain Retreat’s investment in solar energy has not only contributed to significant cost savings but also reinforced their commitment to environmental sustainability, making them a standout choice for eco-conscious travelers.

You can visit their website here: https://thepalmsspain.com/

Our Solar Panel Installations for Vacation Rentals in Costa del Sol

Benefits of Smart Energy Management System

Together with our solar panels, we also offer an energy management system (SOLAR.2X) that optimizes your energy consumption in your vacation rental. Here are some of the advantages of this system:

Optimal Pool Pump

Properties with pools often face high energy consumption from pool pumps. SOLAR.2X addresses this challenge by synchronizing pump operations with sunlight hours. This strategic timing significantly cuts electricity demand from the grid, resulting in substantial cost savings and a greener pool maintenance solution for your property. Everything is managed automatically by our SOLAR.2X.

Reducing Heating Cost

Solar.2X, powered by our Smart Energy Management System (SEMS), efficiently utilizes solar energy to warm your living space during sunny hours. This proactive approach ensures that by evening, your home is already comfortably heated, eliminating the need for grid electricity during the night and contributing to energy savings and cost reduction.

Reducing Cooling Costs

Beat the summer heat with SOLAR.2X! Our innovative system employs solar panel-generated electricity to cool your property using air conditioning units. By harnessing the power of the sun, SOLAR.2X not only keeps your living space comfortable but also contributes to reduced energy bills and a more sustainable lifestyle.

Pool Heater and Sauna

Energy-hungry pool heaters and saunas meet their match with SOLAR.2X. By directing clean and free electricity from solar panels, our system optimizes the operation of these appliances during sunlight hours. This not only minimizes dependence on grid power but also leads to considerable reductions in electricity costs, making your pool and sauna experiences both eco-friendly and budget-friendly.