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Reduce your electricity bill by up to 70%
Become Grid-Independent


Become a Green Business
Lower Operating Costs for your business


Benefit from a single solar installation for your whole community.

Our Projects in Andalucía

Alhaurín de la Torre






Feedback From Our Customers

Based on 27 reviews
Pär Ebenhardt
Pär Ebenhardt
Would like to say exemplary service and according to plan all the time and the extra all when your questions are not too stupid to ask. 100% recommended, Have recommended and will recommend them to everyone I know.
Winston Thomas
Winston Thomas
My experience with Rad Energy has been one of the most pleasant I had with a company in Spain since moving here two years ago. Hamzeh and his assistant Ivan are incredible and knowledgeable professionals whom I recommend to anyone looking for solar energy solutions. Their services and products are top quality!
Fwo O.
Fwo O.
I am a professional and know about service, quality and prices. RAD Malaga was a pleasure to collaborate with. Excellent service, high performing skills and top knowledge. I will use them for my future projects.
Glenn Williams
Glenn Williams
Very professional service highly recommend
David Lacustre7461
David Lacustre7461
RAD Energy are a very professional company and staff are very conscientious attending to every detail. The fitting of photovoltaic panels went very smoothly. I would definitely recommend this company.
Marco Tibaldi
Marco Tibaldi
Very satisfied with the work done by Hamzeh and the team. Clear comms throughout, fast response times when answering our emails/messages, and the fitting of the system took less than one day.
Peter Hardcastle
Peter Hardcastle
Thanks for all your work on this project. We have our Endesa bill for the month of January, the first full month of PV operation & it's 69 euro, compared with around 500 euro for January last year. To say that's amazing is an understatement!
Ole Burlay
Ole Burlay
Rad Energy has performed solar installation of 6Kw system for us in February 2023, we’ve had a great experience from the very beginning of the whole process, the contract was very clear and installation was on time and since then working perfectly, Hamzeh is always available to answer and help with any questions or concerns. Thank you Rad Energy.

Mobile Monitoring Application of Your System

  • Real-Time Monitoring of your solar energy system (power, battery status, your consumption) on your Mobile device and computer from around the globe via the Internet
  • Module-Level Monitoring using the optimizers
  • Statistical daily, monthly and annual reports

Microinverter vs String Inverter: Which One is Better for Your Installation?

When it comes to harnessing solar energy, the choice between microinverters and string inverters is an important decision that could impact the efficiency and performance of your solar power system. Let’s have a look at the main pros and cons of both technologies to empower you with the knowledge needed to make an informed choice…


Making renewable energy accessible for everyone, everywhere!


Providing green energy with local renewable sources.


Using technologies that align with local environmental and economic circumstances.

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