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Quality Matters

At RAD ENERGY, we uphold the principle that only the highest quality ensures the longevity and sustainability of your solar investment. That’s why we are proud to introduce our exclusive line of solar solutions, each component authentically crafted in Germany.

Our premium offerings extend from precision-engineered solar panels to robust aluminium mounting structures—all designed and manufactured to stringent German standards. Choose our exclusive product line for unparalleled performance and a commitment to excellence that lasts well beyond 30 years.


SOLARWATT, a pioneer in solar panel manufacturing in Europe, boasts over 30 years of experience producing solar panels in Germany. Representing the epitome of German premium quality, the panels are developed in Dresden and Hürth, and manufactured exclusively in Dresden.

Thanks to their design Solarwatt glass-glass modules deliver the highest long-term yields. The solar cells are embedded almost indestructibly in the glass-glass composite and thus optimally protected against all weather effects and mechanical stress. SOLARWATT can therefore offer a 30-year warranty on performance and product quality.


  • Power: 420W (datasheet)
  • Warranty: 30 Years
  • Dimensions (weight): 172.2 x 113.4 x 35.3 mm / 25.4 kg
  • Module Technology: Glass-glass laminate; aluminium frame, black


30-year product warranty

Ease of mind with 30 years of the product warranty. Therefore, you should not be worried about the material quality of the solar panels on your roof.

30-year performance warranty

After 30 years, the solar panels still work with 87% of the initial power.

30 Years Experience

SOLARWATT is one of the oldest solar panel manufacturers in the world with 30+ years of manufacturing experience and with reliable warranty.

Sonnen Battery

The sonnenBatterie does not only store energy, it’s smart. As an intelligent, backup-capable, energy storage system, sonnenBatterie can integrate into any existing PV system on the market. Gain your energy independence now and hedge yourself against future energy price increases.

This battery system has been tested to deliver 65% of its initial capacity after 28.000 charging and discharging cycles, which is equivalent to 38 years of usage!


  • Capacity: 5.5 kWh – 450 kWh
  • Warranty: 10 Years or 10.000 Cycles
  • Phases: single-phase (datasheet) and three-phase (datasheet)
  • Inverter Compatibility: With all brands on the market
  • Installation without Solar Panel: Possible
  • Installation: Floor or Wall (indoor)
  • Monitoring: Mobile App + Desktop


Smart Battery

The Sonnen batteries are equipped with a smart energy management system which gives you full control of your energy consumption.

Feature Proof

Sonnen batteries are designed so that adding more storage capacity can be done at any moment without any extra required equipment.

Reliable Warranty

With over 90,000 installations globally, customers enjoy added peace of mind with our 10-year warranty which is provided by a German Company.


The Sunny Tripower Smart Energy hybrid inverter is a two-in-one system for supplying solar power at home. With this, SMA has combined smart technology and integrated services to create a space-saving compact system, drawing on more than 30 years of experience in storage. It is possible to make additions to the system at any time, incorporating e-mobility or heat pumps.

The integrated battery-backup function safeguards the household electricity supply even in the event of a grid failure. That makes domestic PV systems comprehensive, smart energy systems with solar energy self-sufficiency of up to 100%.


  • Capacity: 5/6/8/10 kW
  • Warranty: 10 Years
  • Phases: three-phase (datasheet)
  • Installation: Wall (indoor and outdoor)
  • Monitoring: Mobile App + Desktop


Integrated Battery Backup

The integrated battery-backup function safeguards the household electricity supply even in the event of a grid failure and gives you peace of mind.

30 Years Experience

SMA is one of the oldest solar energy inverter manufacturers in the world with 30+ years of manufacturing experience and with reliable warranty.

Heat Pump Compatible

SMA inverters are ready for the integration of extra components into your house such as heat pumps and also electric car chargers.