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The Junta will install solar panels in 133 public and environmental conservation facilities

    placas solares

    The Agency’s Governing Council has authorized the launch of the tender aimed at installing photovoltaic panels and charging points for vehicles at 133 facilities.

    Specifically, this includes 93 public use facilities (such as visitor centers, information points, camping areas, etc.); 24 infrastructures for the conservation of geodiversity and biodiversity (botanical gardens, breeding and species recovery centers); another 4 for the promotion and management of natural resources (reference stations for game species and cork oak collections), 6 integrated management plans (PGI) (houses and farmhouses in use), and 6 nurseries.

    This initiative will involve an investment of 3.2 million euros, fully funded by the European Union’s Recovery and Resilience Mechanism (Next Generation).

    Once the works are completed, these facilities will have the option of total self-consumption of photovoltaic solar energy or using a high percentage of it. In fact, some installations located in very isolated areas do not have access to the electricity grid.

    Additionally, for public facilities with more than 20 parking spaces, electric vehicle charging points will also be provided, ensuring that the entire initiative is aimed at reducing electricity consumption and costs, as well as reducing CO2 emissions.

    Following the authorization to launch the tender, it will be initiated in the coming days, with the execution planned over two years (2024 and 2025).

    All development actions will be carried out through the Agency’s Directorate of Environment and Sustainability, which has driven the tender, coordination, and also oversees its execution. This will be done in three phases: project preparation, its execution, and finally, its legalization.

    Source: Agencia de Medio ambiente y Aguas. Junta de Andalucía webpage

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