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How to Clean Solar Panels? Maintenance Guide and Recommendations to Optimize Efficiency

    Solar panels must be exposed to sunlight to produce energy, which also exposes them to weather conditions. However, unless you live in an area with high pollution, dust, sand, or snow, frequent cleaning is not necessary.

    In most cases, rain is sufficient to keep solar panels clean. However, it might be a good idea to occasionally clean the panels if you live near the beach or in a highly polluted area. Below are answers to common questions about the maintenance and cleaning of solar panels.

    Generally, rain cleans the solar panels. However, in areas with strong winds, high pollution, dust, or dirt, energy production can decrease by up to 15% over the installation’s lifespan. This percentage can vary based on three factors:

    1. The type of dirt, such as bird droppings or dust.
    2. The type of installation, whether it has optimizers or is installed in series or parallel.
    3. The angle of the panels, as panels with a steeper angle benefit more from natural cleaning by rain.

    To mitigate this effect, it is necessary to clean the solar panels:

    – For panels on sloped roofs, it is advisable to hire a professional maintenance and cleaning service. Many local installers offer these services or recommend reputable solar panel maintenance companies.

    – If the panels are easily accessible, you only need warm water with low pressure.

    The most important aspect to keep in mind when cleaning your solar panels is to avoid scratching or damaging the glass, as this will reduce the energy production of the panel.

    The best way to clean solar panels is:

    • With warm water, carefully, similar to how you would clean your windows. Try to use only water, or if you use a product, make sure it leaves no residue, such as dish soap.
    • To remove dirty or lime-heavy water, you can use any tool that does not press or scratch the panels, such as a squeegee or window cleaner.

    IMPORTANT! Cleaning should be done early in the morning. Clean the panels before they start receiving sunlight to avoid temperature contrasts that could cause the glass to crack.

    And remember, avoid damaging or scratching the glass at all costs. If you live near a busy road with frequent trucks or near an airport, oily stains can appear on your panels. These can be easily removed with a bit of isopropyl alcohol and a cloth. However, the use of “strong” cleaning products is discouraged, as they can damage or scratch the glass.

    Clean the panels at least once a year, at most twice. As mentioned, this depends on the area where you live. If you reside in a location frequently affected by dirt from sand, trees, or birds, the panels should be cleaned more often.

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