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Solar modules installed in France in 1992 are still generating 75.9% of their original output.

    Paneles solares

    New tests on France’s oldest photovoltaic system have confirmed that its solar modules can still deliver performance levels promised by their manufacturers.

    The French association Hespul, founded in 1991, launched France’s first grid-connected photovoltaic plant with the Phébus 1 power plant in Ain on June 14, 1992.

    Recently, Hespul reported that around 10 square meters of panels (about 1 kW) were removed last year and tested according to international standards. These 1992 modules still operate at 75.9% of their original output, showcasing the long-term durability and reliability of early solar technology, as highlighted by the PROMEO research program.

    This finding underscores the robustness of photovoltaic modules and supports ongoing investments in solar energy for sustainable power generation.

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